Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path service is a critical photo cut-out work embraced by most businesses today. However, it would need reliable clipping path services to get the best results of the product images like cars, gadgets, furnishings, flowers, buildings, and many more. What you need is a crisp & clean clipping path work, not the floppy cropped pics that would ruin your brand image.

We Photo Clip Out provides exceptional clipping path services that focus on details, realistic results, and accommodating your results. Our clipping path experts can draw both single and multiple paths cleanly to deliver smooth-edged and flawless cuts on the desired objects. Photo Clip Out is home to fully skilled image editors proficient in using Pen Tool and covering all types of images and clipping path requirements. No matter how difficult, the scale or the budget is, we can handle them all and open to discuss your preferences.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is a digital process of cutting-out a digital image mostly by removing the background. Unlike traditional image cropping, clipping path can go detailed to extract desired objects. It’s possible as our digital experts use hands to perform the clipping path process. The professional clipping path services do the entire process. You may find a clipping path in different names like photo cut-out, image clipping, and so forth.

The clipping path secure object inside the applied path/line and separate them from whatever outside. After the main objects have been extracted, you can remove the background. Most clients hire a clipping path service as they want to apply different background for the main objects like cars, electronics, watches, clothes, models, and so forth. At this point, you can put contexts to the objects or products and make them appealing for desired scenes.

How Much I Should Pay for Clipping Path Services?

Level 4: Complex Clipping Path Services

More complicated objects with a range of edges and holes would require a complex clipping path service. At this level, the clipping path also covers multiple spectrums of objects in groups. It requires more detail works, our experts use hands to cut out the complicated edges and to produce clean cuts through groupings. At this point, a complex photo clip out service would cost you more.

Level 5: Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path is a laborious and complex process to clip out images with extra paths within the objects. Level 1-4 use a single path for the edges of the simple objects while multiple clipping path service apply multiple paths both outside and within clipped objects. This service allows you to apply adjustments and corrections on parts of the objects.

Level 6: Super Complex Clipping Path

When it comes to objects with very rigid textures and multiple groupings, you’d need super complex clipping path service. These include detailed flower bouquets, furry animals, hair model photoshoots, and other objects or shapes that need multiple cut-outs. The costs would be higher than the lower-level services due to laborious works on the whole process. Multiple techniques & methods are applied including masking, contouring, However, the exact price would depend on the particular objects you want to cut out

How Much I Should Pay for Clipping Path Services?

Clipping path is a professional service that deals with diverse levels of complexity so the price rate would vary for each project. There are various techniques and methods used to cut out digital images depending on the complexity.

Let’s have a look at clipping path complexity levels below for a better overview of the costs.

Level 1: Basic Clipping Path

The basic clipping path service is the cheapest as it requires the simplest process. It cuts out simple objects with less curves to edge. This simple process can do great work on extracting solid goods from the images including cups, bowls, balls, simple gadgets, books, and so forth.

Level 2: Simple Clipping Path
When it comes to objects with more curves and has hole-trough parts, there would be more works required. At this level, the process is still simple but requires slightly more time to complete. Simple jewelries, mugs, vehicles or standalone furnishing,  are some objects can be cut out with a simple clipping path process. The process removes the all parts of the backgrounds including the ones visible through the hole.  The simple clipping path costs you a little bit more than the basic service but can still expect an instant delivery.

Level 3: Medium Clipping Path Services
The process is the same but the medium stage of the clipping path deal with more rigid and more complex edges. At this level, the operator would create multiple paths to cover those edges so he/she can remove the background smoothly. The medium service would take more effort, techniques, and of course, more time for a clean result. Medium clipping path can go well with grouped simple objects like sets of furniture, baked goods, multiple vehicles on a set, and so forth.

How do you create a clipping path in Photoshop?

Photoshop is the most popular digital image editing software used for the clipping path. Basically, you can use the Pen Tool to draw a path through the edges of the object you want to clip out. Creating the path is the key to clip out the digital photo and mostly you’d use your hands to draw it.

The idea is to border or to isolate the area and leave the background surrounding but separated from it. Photoshops offers various way to clip out the object but mostly it allows you to solidify the area inside the path so you can reuse it. At this point, you can remove the background and save the clipped out object into JPEG or TIFF. Next, you conveniently use the isolated object in design apps and apply different backgrounds or add other objects to the layout.

The entire process of clipping path could be laborious and require diverse techniques for optimum results, depending on the objects you want to cut out and the results you want to achieve.

Who actually needs clipping path services?

We’ve been providing services for diverse clients and the demand remains growing. More business categories now need both limited and extensive clipping path services. These are some of them:

Business Owners

Clipping path services get more popular among the business practitioners following the growing e-commerce. They need it Product page, marketing campaigns, posters to showcase their products better. Only when the product image isolated so they can reuse them for various digital purposes. We’ve been providing clipping path services for diverse businesses and products.

Professional Photographers

Professional photographers especially the ones specialize in commercial photography would need clipping path services. Our photographer clients need us to clip out large batches of photos before sending them to clients. We accommodate and are able to meet professional requirements.


Many freelancers including photographers, digital marketers, content creators or web designers also find clipping path service crucial for their work. Whether it’s for logos, product images, vectors or other objects, freelancers can accommodate their client’s needs with clipping path services. Our company is able to maintain quick delivery so freelancers can keep up with their deadlines.

Project Managers

Handling multiple tasks in tight schedules and budgets could be the main challenge for most digital project managers. Complex clipping path jobs are time-consuming, stressful, and require in-depth skills. We have extensive experience on the clipping path at any level and been helping a range of projects so you can rest assured.

What is clipping path for?

Isolated images are reusable for various purposes. There are other techniques like masking or cropping to deliver similar(but not exactly the same) results. These objectives below are what’s clipping ideally for, let’s check them out.

Hiding/Removing The Background

The main objective of the clipping path service is to remove or to hide the background of the digital image. Whenever you want to change the background of the objects in the photo, you’d need clipping path work. This would be very useful for image editing or digital designing when you need to reuse the clipped out objects with cleaner, crisper cuts compared to the traditional cropping style.

Image Correction

Clipping path is a useful service for anyone who wants to apply correction on particular objects in the image. Applying filters, configuring brightness could be very easy for a whole image but you’d find difficulties when correcting specific areas. With clipping path, you can isolate the object without affecting the surrounding area.

Designing Product Catalog

If you’re designing a product poster or catalog, the clipping path would be very helpful. You can put the isolated image of your products to blend with the layout without their background. This way, you can easily arrange the different objects in the catalog and get it done quickly. A professional clipping path service is required for more complex objects or for larger image batches.

Why Do You Need Clipping Path Services


As you’ve seen above, the clipping path could be laborious and difficult tasks. Professional clipping path services allow you to save time and keep your projects running on a timeline. We can do batches of clipping images in a relatively short time. Instead of hiring a full division for these tasks, clipping path services would cost you less. A full department would cost you more but you can hire clipping path services contextually based on your projects or campaigns.


Hiring clipping path services from an established service company allows you to get the best possible results. We’ve been providing clipping path services for diverse clients so we’re used to accommodating different requirements and preferences. During the process, we can provide advice and proper clipping path methods to deliver what you actually need.


When it comes to product catalogs or digital marketing campaign you need to ensure exceptional image editing work. Professional services can finish clipping path jobs within hours while newbies may require days. On the other hand, pro clipping path service guarantees the workmanship and delivery quality.

How Does It Work?

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It’s very easy to start using our online photo editing service! You can do it in just 4 simple steps:

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Be sure that our professional photography retouchers will follow your photo editing guidelines to create a digital masterpiece for your clients.

Photo Retouching Prices

Photo Editing Services List Price per photo Photo Editing Services included
Basic Photo Retouching $2 Basic changes of the color and toning, light portrait editing (nose, eyes, hair, cheeks, etc.), image cropping.
Pro Photo Retouching $5 Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving the background, adding HDR effects..
High End Photo Retouching $10 Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving a back ground, adding HDR effects supplemen